Foods to Reduce Uric Acid

Uric acid is released from the body after foods rich in purines are digested. Purines are indeed chemical substances composed of and divided in the body by carbon and nitrogen atoms. When we consume excessively rich foods in purine, our body can not absorb them, which results in an increase in the levels of uric acid.
People with elevated uric acid levels need to be very careful about their health and eating habits. In addition to avoiding foods high in purine, you can also stop eating too much fat because this may reduce the capacity of your body to excrete uric acid.
High uric acid can cause gout in the bloodstream. You must keep an eye on your food patterns to avoid this disorder. A healthy food and drug can help you to maintain a normal level of uric acid. Below are the foodstuffs to hold uric acid at normal levels, which you must put in your diet.


Fill your diet with apples. They neutralize uric acid mostly in the bloodstream as they have been enriched with malic acid. This relieves certain patients with a high level of uric acid.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar also is good for people with high uric acid. Adding three vinegar teaspoons to 1 glass of water is possible. Two-3 times a day could be done. The treatment of high uric acidity will help with drinking apple cider vinegar.

Juice of French Bean 

Drinking French beans extracted juice is indeed an important home remedy for the treatment of gout. Two times a day, this good jus should be eaten because it avoids high uric acid content in the blood.


Another explanation for having sufficient water all day long. Water helps to flush out excess uric acid toxins from your body. Therefore, every day at least 8-9 glasses of water.


As they are known as anthocyanins as an anti-inflammatory, it helps reduce uric acid concentrations. It also prevents the crystallization of uric acid and deposits in the joint. You should really have cherries because they neutralize the acids, which help to prevent inflammation and pain.


Consume berries as well as blueberries in particular. Enriched with anti-inflammatory factors, it is helpful to avoid high levels of uric acid in your blood, even within your diet.

Vegetable juices

Have carrot juice and add to it cucumber yeast and beetroot yeast. The treatment of elevated levels of uric acid in the blood is an efficient solution.

Dairy products with Low Fat

The use of light-fat dairy products in your diet is another method of treating high uric acid. Go after low fat, curd milk as well as blood uric acid prevention.


Since lime juice contains citric acid, a uric acid solution is useful to avoid a higher uric acid level by applying it to your daily diet. Squeeze in such a bottle of water half a lime juice and also have it every day.

Foods With Vitamin C 

Another way of maintaining uric acid levels is to use foods enriched by vitamin C. Such foods break down uric acid, so spray it out of the body. Includes foods like kiwi, amla, kiwi, guava, as well as other green leafy vegetables. 

Olive oil

Cook your food using olive oil under cold pressure. This is really a good beginning because it has antiviral and antioxidants properties.

Celery seed

The consumption of celery seeds is among the most common home remedies for high uric acid treatment.

Pinto beans

Folic acid is used for pinto beans that contribute to just a natural reduction in uric acid. Sunflower seeds, as well as lentils, may also be consumed to reduce the possibility of elevated uric acid levels.

Foods with High Fiber

The addition of high-food fiber diets also helps lower blood levels of uric acid. They consume uric acid from the bloodstream, which helps eliminate excess uric acid via the kidneys from your body. Boost intake of soluble dietary fiber, including oat, carrots, orange, apple, broccoli, strawberries, peas, blueberries, celery, turkeys, and garlic, if diagnosed with higher uric acid.


Bananas are helpful to reduce excess uric acid levels as they are included in your diet.

Green tea

The use of green tea each day is some way of treating high uric acid. This helps to regulate hyperuricemia or elevated levels of uric acid and also reduces the risk of gout.


Have much more alkaline beans. Bajra and Jowar could be consumed.

Tomatoes, broccoli, and Cucumbers

Before you begin your meal, make tomatoes, cucumbers as well as broccoli. This is the only way to keep the blood from developing high uric acids. The alkaline nature helps preserve blood uric acid.

Omega 3

Fatty acids to omega 3. Flax seeds could be used, fish like salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines & walnuts to help reduce inflammation and swelling!

Things You Should Avoid

Sugary Beverages and Foods

Although high uric acid is normally associated with such a diet rich in protein, recent research has demonstrated that sugar could also be a possible cause. Table sugar, con syrup as well as high fructose maize syrup are the most popular added sugar.
In particular, fructose causes high uric acid concentrations. Before buying, you should search on food labels for sugar.
To reduce the consumption of sugar, prefer to consume more whole foods and less processed packed.

Avoid alcohol

Did you find that your loo trips are increasing when you drink alcohol? High uric acid is caused by alcohol that leaves you dehydrated. This occurs as the kidney filters the products from the blood because of alcohol rather than uric acid as well as other waste.

Manage the Level of Insulin 

Increased uric acid, as well as weight gain, could result in excessive insulin in the body. When your doctor visits, even though you do not have diabetes mellitus, you can better monitor your insulin levels.

Final Words

So these are some of the great foods that you can use to reduce and control the level of uric acid.

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