Foods That Help Reduce Anxiety

For so many people, anxiety is the common issue. It is indeed a condition of excessive nervousness as well as worry and often with poor health of the brain. As a cure, medication is also required.
In addition to medicine, you may use many methods to relieve symptoms of anxiety, from exercise to profound breathing.
There are also a few foods you could consume that really can reduce the symptoms’ severity, mostly because of their brain-enhancing properties.
There are six scientifically supported foods and drinks that can relieve fear.


It may be helpful for anxiety reduction. It includes nutrients that support the health of the brain, such as docosahexaenoic acid, and eicosapentaenoic acid, omega-3 and vitamin D.
DHA and EPA could help control serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters with soothing and calming effects.
Researches have also shown that certain fatty acids could minimise inflammation moreover prevent disruption of the brain cell that causes mental disorders such as anxiety.
Equally, consuming sufficient amounts of DHA and EPA can help your brain to adjust to changes such that stressors that cause symptoms of anxiety can be handled better.
Vitamin D also has been tested to improve the level of relaxing neurotransmitters for the definite effects this may have.
Even a few portions of salmon every week could be sufficient to encourage anxiety relief.
One research demonstrates less distress than those who consumed chicken, pork or beef for men who consumed Atlantic salmon thrice times a week over five months. In addition, signs associated with anxiety, including pulse rate as well as heart rates, have been improved.


It is indeed an anxiety-reducing plant. It includes high levels of antioxidants that have been shown to lower the chance of inflammation and anxiety.
The relationship between anxiety relief and chamomile has been investigated across several studies.
It has also been found that symptoms of people diagnosed with such a generalised anxiety disorder, relative to people who didn’t, have decreased dramatically.
Another research showed similar findings, as for 8 weeks when people drank camomile extract, anxiety and depression were decreased.
These findings are positive, but the majority of studies on chamomile extracts have indeed been carried out. Further research is needed to assess the most frequently consumed anti-anxiety impact of camomile tea.


Turmeric is the spice containing curcumin, the compound that has been researched in order to encourage the health of the brain and to prevent anxiety.
Studies with animals and trial tubes say curcumin can increase the fatty acid omega-3 DHA throughout the brain by making the body most effectively synthesise it.
20 mg per kilogram of curcumin for one research have produced important anti-anxiety impacts in the stressed rat in comparison to lower-dose ones.
Curcumin additionally has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to stop brain cell damage.
These results are attributable in part to the ability of curcumin to suppress inflammation signals, including cytokines, also linked to the development of anxiety.
Moreover, the intake of curcumin has shown blood antioxidants, which appear to be poor in anxious individuals, are increased.
More human study is required to validate all these results; however, if you have anxiety, it is definitely worth trying to include turmeric in your diet.

Dark Chocolate

It can also help to alleviate anxiety by incorporating dark chocolate in your diet. Dark chocolate includes flavonols that might also help the brain function as antioxidants.
You do so by enhancing the brain blood circulation and by enhancing its capacity to respond to stressful circumstances.
These effects will help you to better respond to stressful conditions, which can cause disturbances in your mood.
Some researchers are also suggesting that the function of Dark Chocolate in the health of the brain could be simply because of the taste of dark chocolate.
In a research study, people who drank 74 percent dark chocolate two times a day for 2 weeks had increased stress hormone levels typically linked to anxiety-like cortisol and catecholamines.
Dark chocolate consumption has also shown increased neurotransmitter levels of serotonin that can relieve stress causing anxiety.
For instance, after eating 40 g of chocolate each day over the two weeks, participants recorded significantly decreasing stress levels in such research of highly stressed people.
Dark chocolate, nevertheless, has a high content of calories and therefore is better eaten in moderation. The serving size of 1 to 1.6 ounces is fair.


Yoghurt is a nice food to be included in your diet if you undergo anxiety.
In some yoghurt styles, aesthetics or healthful bacteria will enhance various phases of your wellbeing, like mental health.
Researches have also shown that probiotics of food, including yoghurt, could promote mental wellbeing and functioning of the brain by repressing free radicals & neurotoxins.
Anxious people who ate probiotic yoghurt every day were better placed than people who ate yoghurt without pro biology in one report.
Further research showed that its brain regions which regulate sensation and emotion, can be correlated with lower levels of antagonism are better function in women who have used 4.4-ounce yoghurt twice per day for four weeks.
These results are encouraging, but more study by the human population is needed to prove the positive effects of yoghurt on reducing anxiety.
We should also remember that there are no probiotics used in all yoghurt. Select a yoghurt that includes living, active cultures as just an ingredient for the benefits of probiotics.

Green Tea

Green tea includes L-thane, the amino acid researched in the brain and reduction of anxiety for the beneficial effects.
One minor study showed a decrease in emotional stress response, which is often associated with angst, like raised heart rate, for people who used L-theanine.
Other research has found that some of those drinking an L-theanine cocktail, the stress hormone associated with anxiety, have reduced levels of cortisol.
L-theanine, as well as EGCG, have beneficial characteristics because it is linked to less psychological discomfort to be drinking multiple cups a day of green tea.
While all these results are encouraging, much of the research on green tea & anxiety is carried out in animals and test tubes. It should be said. More human research is necessary to validate its impact on anxiety.

Final Words

So these were the six best foods that can help you control anxiety. Therefore you must add them to your daily meal.

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